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Reducing Muscle Spasms & Pain, & Avoiding My Migraines

I can avoid most migraines if I take care of my tension headache before it gets worse!

So this weekend I had the privilege to help a loved one decorate for her wedding! It was gorgeous by the way, little thanks to me. I just helped put things where they were supposed to go and it was just lovely. I am a sucker for twinkle lights (or fairy lights) so this was an aesthetic that really spoke to me.

As it happens I outdid myself running all over, carrying stuff, climbing up and down on chairs, and hanging things off tree branches. I have severe muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder on my right side often. If I don’t take care of it my tension headache blossoms into a migraine, so fun right?

Sometimes just taking an ibuprofen will help, sometimes I take an Excedrine migraine and that will do the trick, but if I can help out my liver by taking less over the counter pain meds I like to try!

These are options I find helpful for relaxing neck and shoulder spasms, soothing sore muscles, and getting rid of my headache before it turns into a migraine.

Sometimes I take an epsom salt bath to help ease the muscle tension some and it does help but it’s not particularly fast-acting. There are about a million different epsom salts on the market so you won’t have any trouble finding it if you start looking.

I like this epsom salt because it’s inexpensive, it has Pink Himalayan salt in it too which I think is pretty, and it has a nice orange and bergamot scent.

If you prefer an epsom salt with no fragrance amazon has their own brand of just epsom salts, no fragrance. I know a lot of people like to add their own essential oils so they can enjoy their favorite smells and get the targeted benefits from those oils. Click here to visit Alyssa’s Store and check out some awesome essential oils.

If you really need a magnesium boost there is a different form of magnesium that is said to be more easily absorbable than regular epsom salts, but it does cost a little more. If you have a big family where everyone enjoys epsom salt baths regularly, this could get pricy.

I don’t always have time or feel up to taking a bath though. When I found they were making an epsom salt lotion I got excited. I wouldn’t have to commit to taking a bath to get all the muscle relaxing benefits of the magnesium.

I found Morton’s Espom Salt lotion at my local Walmart. I didn’t find that on amazon but I did find this magnesium lotion with a bottle you can set-down up-right or upside-down so that you can get the most lotion possible out of the bottom of the bottle. So smart!

Then there is a hemp product with transdermal (absorbed through the skin) magnesium for when plain old magnesium isn’t enough. This product also has MSM in it, which I haven’t researched but it seems it is helpful in managing pain for many people. I can’t verify whether or not this product has CBD oil in it or not. Why would they leave it un-clear?

Amazon has forbidden the sale of CBD products for an undisclosed reason. See this article by the Washington Post for more information on the Amazon CBD ban here. When I started looking for CBD products on Amazon I was wondering why everything said hemp but I couldn’t figure out whether anything had CBD or not.

Well I still can’t figure it out for you but you can do your research on individual products. Many CBD products are sold on other websites where it is labeled with it’s CBD information They changed these product labels so they did not say CBD to try to sell these banned products on the Amazon website.

The Washington Post article stated that in some cases the product is the same, and though it has CBD it doesn’t say CBD on the label. I can’t verify that either but I did find the article interesting.

The reason I am telling you all this is because the product that I use the most for headaches is a CBD product. I ordered it from a website called The Vermont Country Store.

I was buying a gift and I had to spend $65 to get free shipping. I was just shopping around for something I though I would use. They had a few CBD products to choose from from warming, to cooling, to foot and body soaks. No The Vermont Store did not pay me to write this. I’m just telling the story and as a result they get some free advertising lol.

My Magsoothium CBD is my favorite product for easing muscles spasms tension headaches, and it has helped me avoid many migraines.

I chose to get the Magsoothium CBD because magnesium does relax my neck and shoulder spasms, sometimes even fully getting rid of the pain. Plus adding several effective ingredients to 1 pain relief product makes it a pretty amazing product. It does in fact work really well. It is now my first step when my shoulder and neck start getting sore.

They also have a website where you can purchase their products directly. Now I am give them some free advertising but I think they deserve it. They have a wide variety of pain relief products to choose from and I’m sure I will purchase their products again.

This CBD cream is my new favorite when I feel the pain coming on.

Magsoothium has magnesium, arnica, menthol, cacao, witch hazel, some other things, and THC-Free CBD oil.

This Amazon product below has similar ingredients to Magsoothium but no magnesium and I can’t tell you whether or not it has CBD or just hemp oil without those active CBD inflammatory ingredients. Why would I check on Amazon if I already found a product that works?

To save myself some money of course! If I could find a similar product on Amazon it would save me shipping costs. If you are wanting a CBD product I would just get it on a non-Amazon site. Amazon is taking down non- compliant stores all the time if they aren’t abiding by the anti-CBD policies.

This means even if you do find a product that works for you, if it does in fact have CBD in it the store might get shut down and you will have trouble re-purchasing it.

I am also very hesitant to use products who’s ingredients aren’t stated on the label. Call me paranoid but I like to know exactly what is in my products, especially if I am going to use it regularly.

Today (10-11-2020) I didn’t find any hemp/mag products on Amazon but I will keep checking back. Things change all the time.

Personally I love that I can get my CBD, magnesium, and menthol all in one product with my Magsoothium. If I can buy 1 more expensive product instead of 3 separate products, I have done well. It saves me time applying products and a little of this cream goes a long way.

For now I will be sticking with my epsom salt baths, or my Magsoothium CBD cream, and lastly “over the counter meds” if they are still needed. What do you do when your muscles and joints start hurting? Do you have a pain relief method that really works for you? Leave it in the comments and help everyone out!

OK well time to drink another water, stretch my sore muscles again, eat some freezer pizza and salad, and finish recovering from a hard day’s work and a beautiful evening of joyful festivities.

I hope this post gave you some new options for when that old injury comes back to haunt you. I wish you health and healing, and thank you for taking your time to read my blog today. Next my kids want me to write about the “glow in the dark” slime they made today, so stay tuned for that lol.

Best Wishes,


PS. Please pin to boards about health and wellness and share this info with a friend! You never know when a tidbit of info might change someone’s life for the better.

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