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My Amazon Prime Picks for 2020!

Check out my favorite deals of the day!

Lightening Deal – Cute Long Sleeve Raglan Shirt

I put this shirt 1st because it’s a lightening deal that expires soon. I love this style and these colors. The only prime deal I saw was in the, ” Bb Blue” in size Medium

11-in-1 Pressure Cooker!

So if you haven’t experienced the amazing-ness that is a pressure cooker you really need to check them out. I love my crockpot pressure cooker so much but I have been drooling over these 11-in-1’s for quite awhile. This one doubles as an air fryer and a dehydrator and so much more and it’s on super duper sale until tomorrow!

23 & Me Genetic Testing Kit

Getting genetic testing has been on my list for awhile but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Not only does this tell you fun facts about whether looking at the sun will make you sneeze but it will also tell you if there are any genetic conditions you should be keeping an eye on. It’s a great way to learn a little more about yourself and your ancestors all at the same time!

Cinch Waist, Big Pocket Coat

Get an hourglass shape even in your winter coat! Add in big pockets for all the things and this coat is a winner in my book. I have a very similar one in a gray color and I just love it. Not all the sizes were on sale but a lot of them were. Hurry hurry this lightening deal ends in less than 3 hours!

Wifi Outlets

If you have google assistant or an Alexa, with these outlets you can tell things to turn on and off. We love ours. I think I especially appreciate it because my family members are always leaving lights on and now I can tell google to turn them off, without clapping lol. Lightening deal ends in less than an hour!

Fancy Socks with a Surprise!

I picked out these socks for my mom, love you mom! I am sad to say I missed sharing the lightening deal with everyone but I still included them because who know they made compression socks that weren’t ugly?! I sure didn’t. Be honest, could you tell they were compression socks?

Drone Camera for Aerial Video!

Oh my goodness have I wanted a drone camera for such a long time! This one is cool, has great reviews, and is heavily discounted until tomorrow. This thing takes HD video and I really really want one! What would I do with it? Not sure exactly. I’d probably practice taking videos of the kids. Once I figure out how to fly the thing, the possibilities are endless.

Who Doesn’t Need More Memory?

Ugh as a creative who take a bazillion pictures and a ton of videos of my kids and everything else, I am always needing more storage. This Memory card says it takes 58 hours of HD video. That sounds good to me!

Well I hope you enjoyed my list awesome deals and random things I need in my life. I hope you have a happy prime day/days and have a great time shopping!

Did you spot a great deal on Amazon today? Share it in the comments and help out a friend!

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