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Kat’s Life at the Moment

Why Am I Always Sorting, Organizing, and Moving Stuff?!

We moved my brother who is in his early 30’s into an apartment within walking distance of the house. He doesn’t have a driver’s license and as much as he wants to be independent he still needs quite a bit of assistance.

So we moved my brother out of the house mom’s house and we moved most of ours and our 3 kids’ things into the house. Did I mention my youngest just turned 1?

So we are in the midst of organizing and getting rid of 30 years of accumulated whatever in my family home and the home we were living in is still housing a bunch of stuff that we left behind and haven’t managed to go through yet.

The kids and their activities slow the process more than I’d like to admit. I can’t blame it all on them though. Pets still need cared for, dishes still need done, and everybody’s got to eat right? Also recently one of my loved ones had to go for a surgical procedure as well because health is a priority. I wonder how many of you out there would have put it off, you know who you are!

So we have to empty the old house (our house were were living in) out which is no small task. We keep going back and forth on projects. We do a remodeling project at the big house (the house with mom where we are at now), and go through and donate some items. We now have a little space to bring over a few more things from the old house.

I would love a magic wand in this season to make this process faster! We have a few remodeling projects that need done on our old home too to make it nice for Billy’s (my significant other) brother’s family to move in. You know, they may want a finished bathroom with something better than a ply-wood floor!

Anyway the plan today is to go over and organize and box up a lot of items for donation. Doesn’t everyone love to clean and organize on their Saturday?

Life always feels crazy doesn’t it? I always think around the corner it’s going to slow down a little and it never does. I am sure I am to blame but not only am I an over-achiever, but I think I passed that trait to my 3 beautiful children.

So this year we moved back in with my disabled mother because she needed more assistance than my baby bro was able to give. He is autistic and a pretty nice guy but he isn’t really a natural care-giver and was starting to get pretty overwhelmed. He was also feeling ready for more independence. If you want to read more about my brother and I growing up click here.

Me with my “little brother”, who is 6’4″ tall, and my littlest daughter.


Career wise I finally submitted my resume for a job that is in the field I went to school for. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job now. I love the people I work with and the fact that some of the electronic components I make go into equipment that save lives.

I do feel I am ready to start my career though. I want to make content and tell stories full time. The job I applied for is a non-profit that helps lift people out of poverty. A mission that is truly dear to my heart. Please pray with me that I get the job. I will miss my old work family but this is a huge opportunity for me to make a big difference, in my community, using my best skills. I should get a call this coming week, please please please let it be good news!

Looking Forward

I see a lot of house projects in my near future mixed in with holiday events. Both of the houses are over 120 years old and need quite a bit of TLC. I am so lucky that Billy is so talented when it comes to household projects and remodeling.

There is too much work though and it is over-whelming. He will work so hard it flairs up his psoriatic arthritis. Chronic pain is the worst! We get some things crossed off the to-do list and then it’s recovery time! Plus he does all the day-time with the kids while I chase career goals. He’s the best ❤ He accomplishes so much despite all his struggles. Did I mention he is also doing household projects for his mom on and off? There is certainly more work than time!

Our short-term goal is to get the old house empty enough for Billy to fix-up the upstairs bathroom and we also need to get a vapor barrier up between the basement and 1st floor. Old houses and dirt floor basements, who can relate? Can we do all this by the end of October? Probably not but we are going for it anyway!

Well I better get ready to work. Today I am sorting clothes for donation and I want to clean off our bookshelf to bring over here. Wish us luck!

(I might add some photos later depending on how inspired I feel 😂)

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