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Learning to Sew? "My Beginner Projects"

My beginner sewing projects: So many curtains & a pair of moderately successful maternity pants. After my obsessive search for sewing knowledge (Click here to see my Learning to Sew Post), I bought the cutest sewing machine I could afford at Walmart. I made sure it had a zigzag stitch and a button hole feature.… Continue reading Learning to Sew? "My Beginner Projects"

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Muddling Through Covid As a Big Happy Family

It is not lost on us, the irony of this crazy respiratory sickness scaring the crap out of everyone. Especially since it was right on the back of mom getting out of the hospital from her latest lung exacerbation. What do you do though? We all have to figure out how to function in this… Continue reading Muddling Through Covid As a Big Happy Family

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Kat’s School Portfolio & More

Thank you for your interest in my work. I'm just beginning design again after some time off working in a different field. Some of my work is from design school and was created using the Adobe Creative Suite. The more recent work I have been using a lot of the free and open-source programs on… Continue reading Kat’s School Portfolio & More

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Dr. Belmeur Spot Healing Patches & Treating My Adult Acne

Me using Dr. Belmeur Spot Treatment Patches and Bubble Foaming Cleanser So I have had adult acne pretty much the entire time I have been an adult. I have sensitive skin so it's hard to find products that don't make my skin worse instead of better. I am loving that Avon is offering more products… Continue reading Dr. Belmeur Spot Healing Patches & Treating My Adult Acne

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Learn to Sew Using Free Resources

Starting to Sew: My Beginning Did you learn to sew in home economics? They were still offering that class when I was in school. I did take the class the 1st year it was required, but I chose tech ed when it became optional the 2nd year. I wasn't really into cooking and I really… Continue reading Learn to Sew Using Free Resources